Saturday, December 15, 2007


hi all,

due to time constraint and lots of excuses (not forgetting reasons as well), my blog is now moved to a new address:

I know.. it is kinda difficult to remember but I love the name!

Thank you.


Monday, April 30, 2007

just my 5 cent worth of comment

Life is so good. Student life that is. All you have to worry are tests, exams, essays, projects, pimples, health and occasional 'bullying' (for those who are out of touch with the civilisation, our past, highly entertaining activities like 'taupok', 'pole-ing' are hot topics! Do read...). Seriously, why are they, adults are kicking such a fuss out of these? Yes, I am saying that they are making a mountain of a mole-hill. These are just physical and out of mere fun (personally I dont think pole-ing is fun). You get injured and then recovered. I think the worse is mental/verbal-bullying. Some called these mental/verbal abuse.

I understand the concerns of the parents. Who want their previous children to be bullied? Then again, parents do exercise some form of bullying but in form of verbal. Are you gulity of telling these to your children: "Why are you so STOOPID?stupid la you! %^& Dont know how to do simple things like this.. Stupid!" or "Useless leh you! How can you lose your pencil case!?" or "I dont have such stupid and useless child like you! I must have pick up the wrong child" or "You are pick up from the dust-bin la, not a child of us" or #$(%JCL!K^+, drop that thing, $&@)@ pick up la!". I think these have more adverse effect on the children than the taupok-ing and pole-ing. Seriously, parents should reflect on their behaviours before they start blaming others for causing injuries to their beloved children.

Friday, April 13, 2007

continue from by food encounter

the test result after eating beef: You are safe.

invasion of the Diamond Quest

I am getting fustrated over my Critical introduction to Gaming essay, so here I am blogging.

Today is the last day of school and also the day when we hand in our computer game, Diamond Quest. Oh manz! I am so thankful it is going to be over in 7 hours.

For the first time in the academic year of 2006/2007, I woke up promptly after I had dozed off while typing essay during the wee hours. At around 12 am I dozed off and was startled awake at around 2am by of course, a nightmare. I dreamed of McGee! To make the matter worse, our game which he was play-testing, had lots of bugs and the buttons/links could not work. When he got eaten by the Grue the computer screen just hang and the only solution is to restart the game. He was frenziedly furious (duhz). He almost beside himself screaming "I thought you have play-test your game, and what is this kind of WORK!.." I was so shocked that I woke up, breaking in cold sweat. phew...

That's all folks.

ok, back to my essay.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

in deep trouble

I really dislike my pms. It makes me moody, as if the whole world has turned upside, the sun rises from the west and the sky is grey.

Being the producer of the group is really stressful. I have to remind everyone to do their parts and make sure they have followed the templates i.e. have to do constant checking and editing, on top of the weekly updates I had to write for them. Thursday nights are my nightmares. I am really tired... WHY CANT THAT SOMEONE COME FOR LECTURES AND KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON INSTEAD OF ME KEEP UPDATING HIM. Verbal instructions are forgettable and going online is rare. So I have to sms. My reminders are usually like this: Please check the lesson plan and workbin for your individual parts, prepare and ready for the tutorial. I admit I did not do my part, was lazy by doing selective checking because I was naive enough to think that he really check them *sob. I should have listen my brain. Hence I miss out certain details and ... well... just handed in the document and saw our grades went down the drain. Sorry, group, I let you all down. I am not doing my part.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

food encounter

A highly sensitive girl I used to be. To be exact, sensitive to food. Mango, seafood, yogurt and beef will trigger allergic reactions, thankfully in the form of rashes. The worst memory is when I was 7 taking my first beef bite. I had to miss a few days of school because the rashes were horrenous. I abstain from beef ever since then. Anyway, why eat beef when we have chickens? I no longer have allergic reaction to mangoes, seafood and yogurt due to mass consumption of these food over the past 10 years.

I am going to a Medical Mission - Mongolia from 17th to 27th of June. The staple food is beef and button. I know those carnivorous out there already drooling over the images of fresh steaks but being beef-phobic it causes some worries in me. " What if there is only beef?", " What am I going to eat?", " Am i going to starve over there?", " Oh no I will cause such inconvenience to my team.." etc. Hence, I determine to build up my immune system against beef!

I decided monday would be the day to try beef because the following day is my "off-day". So in case of bad allergic reaction, I can go to hospital without attracting any attention. On monday, a brother sat beside eating his delicious bowl of beef noodle. The door of opportunity is opened. I courageously ate a small piece of beef. The next day, I am alright. "Is it too small a piece such that it doesnt cause any reaction?"

Today, I ate my first double cheese burger (with ah mah and her friend). Nothing has happened at the time I am typing this sentance. We shall see tomorrow.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

presenting... my NM3216 Minipolis groupmates

Friday, February 16, 2007

board game done =)

"that's all folks!" Yeah! arex ended the presentation and the project is done! It is obvious that he was very nervous but he had tried his best! Compared with other presenters, arex may appeared as boring. This indirectly implies our game is mundane. It is NOT! Our game is fun and interesting as proven by the play-testers. Didnt you know of an idiom "empty vessel makes the most noise". Only a boring game needs a fantastic and engaging saleman to promote it.

It is certainly a great relief that our pet project, Minipolis was done. Each of us done our part well despite the work burden was not evenly distributed. First time in my 4 semesters that I got into such a cooperative group. It is such a pity that we have to disband and reform. I wonder which group I will land myself into.

At the mean time, wish you a Happy Chinese New Year =) Enjoy your holidays, if there is any, before the craziness of work starts to kick in. In fact, I am preparing my NM2218 essay so that it can be ready for submission by next friday.